Are you ready to let your creativity flow and unleash your true potential?

If you set your creative mind free, anything is possible...

Do you remember when as a little child you could draw, paint, dance and use creativity in your own way; when you enjoyed it so much that nothing mattered?

Who are you now?

Did you lose this beautiful, pure and true potential of achieving whatever you want?

When you let your creativity flow everything can change; from new ideas to a relaxed and peaceful mindset. If you don't know how you can be creative and you still believe that you are actually not talented at all, STOP now!!!

We all have talents, we all have creative minds, we all need to unleash our own inner creativity in order to function better in our adult lives. 

What would happen if you suddenly came up with fantastic ideas?

How would you react if you learnt how to meditate while creating? 

What would you feel if you could finally relax and let your mind wander into the magical world of art? 



I can help you to unfold your creative side within, get a clear mind and create art pieces you never thought you could create. We are all creative beings. You don't have to be an artist to open your creativity within.

It's not only about grabbing your brush and paint, there's more to it...

That's what my courses are designed for - to help you discover your inner potential and power of abstract art, to reconnect and re-engage with your own creativity, to understand what art therapy can do for you. 

Are you interested? Join our Creative Community today and get access to a new course every month and have my full support and encouragement of others. 

Who Is This For?

  • Art Lovers

    You love art now and did as a child, but a busy adult's life pushed you to give up your dreams and never grab a brush again.

  • Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs

    You are tired and never find time to relax or have "me time". You are looking for something which will increase your productivity and open your creative mind.

  • Lightworkers

    You truly believe that art and meditation is a way to raise your energy, but you don't know where to start. You are fascinated by the spiritual power of art.

Introduction to Magic Of Abstract Art Course

Get your guide to Abstract Art NOW and discover how art can change your life. This is a 7 step guide of how to relax while creating abstract art pieces. This course will help you to understand therapeutic art abilities.


by Hayley P

I Found My Natural Creative Self

by Hayley P

A massive thank you to Maggie Goleniak It's so easy to lose your natural creative self, the busy'ness of LIFE often sees us putting our free child energy to one side, the part of us that wants to draw, to paint, to get lost in a world of imagination and creativity. Over the last month I have given myself permission to do exactly that, to make time and space for my own creative expression. Your "The Magic of Abstract Art course" has given me so much: time and space to focus on something other than work, reconnecting with my creative self, noticing the critical voice that tries to sabotage my efforts, more vibrancy and colour in my life, the realisation of how I need to spend more time on me The course was well structured, run at the right pace and your wonderful encouraging, non pushy, connective style is very much appreciated. Hayley
by Angelique L

Maggie Encourage Me To Dig Deep In My Own Inner Creativity

by Angelique L

I never felt drawn to producing my own art before, possibly because I got the impression early on in life that I wasn’t very good at it. Maggie has encouraged me to dig deeper and experiment with abstract art, as after all you can’t really go wrong right? I feel like her art course takes me on a deep journey, it gives me ME TIME and I am super excited that I will be producing art for someone else this time.
by Sian S

Your Course Gave Me A Confidence To Use Paint Again

by Sian S

Dear Maggie, I just wanted to say ... well, thank you isn't big enough! ... so much appreciation for you and gratitude - this course has been absolutely amazing. I never thought I'd be buying canvases and acrylics left right and centre and LOVING creating art this way so much! I have always loved art, but I never had the confidence to use paint so I always stayed away from it! As I've got older, my cousin is getting to be a very well known artist, so I have always thought she's so amazing (she is!) that I would leave the art to her! Doing this course I've realised I actually have my own painting style - I can see it in my pieces! It's not something I've tried to do consciously, it's just happened! After doing a late night piece last night and leaving it to dry downstairs, I had completely forgotten about it until hubby sent me a text saying "Your painting is amazing x". It is definitely something I'm going to continue - I have found a whole new love of creating art, and it is all thanks to you.
by Angela B

I Didn't Realise This Will Be Such A Personal Journey, Building My Confidence

by Angela B

Usually I am very rarely on social media and often take long breaks from it. So I saw this course by chance and thought that it was a perfect gift to myself for my birthday. I didn't realise that it would also be such a personal journey, building self confidence. I was told by my gcse art teacher not to bother going to art college as I wasn't good enough. Not what an anxious 15 year old wanted to hear after applying for an art course. So the next 3 years I felt like I didn't fit and shouldn't be on the course. Thank you Maggie Goleniak I believe that I can paint and will continue to paint and hopefully sell one day. For now I am happy that I have found confidence and a process to be creative for me. Can't wait to see where it takes me. I am going to miss this group. You don't know how healing this has been for me. (now I've made myself cry, I'm off for a walk in the woods) xx
by Johanna G

Your Approach Made Me Believe I can paint

by Johanna G

What an amazing course. I have never ever painted in all my adult years before this and you made the process so effortless. Your approach made me believe I could paint and I enjoyed the tasks so much. I know this is a new hobby for me now. Thank you.